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You have your passport and your visa, you have packed your suitcase, and a taxi is about to take you to the airport. Before you lies a challenging trip, so you better double check whether... That’s right: are you sure you know where exactly you’re going to land?
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Do you have an idea for a new business? Do not let it sink under the pressure of formal duties.

Developing your business abroad resembles an extreme quest, a mixture of planning and surprises that may occur when you get there. You are not always able to foresee all variables and new legal requirements and rules governing the functioning of companies can be as surprising as the weather. So if you intend to invest in Poland, make use of the support of local experts. We are experienced in collaborating with foreign companies and we offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs from the very first steps their companies make in our country.

We will help you with:

Support at the start

support in establishing a new form of activity, including companies and registration to taxes (VAT registration)


making relevant analyses (such as choosing an optimal form of conducting the activity from the perspective of legislation and taxes, assessing risks of occurrence of a fiscal permanent establishment) or reviews (Legal / Tax due diligence)

Advisory and services

current accounting (accounting, VAT compliance), legal and tax services

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Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

+48 662 530 866

Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

+48 696 880 222

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