New technologies sector

The new technologies sector is developing so rapidly that the “new” from the beginning of this very sentence have grown old already. If you want to catch up, you will need a support of someone who is able to react to changes in a dynamic way.
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Think of an advisor. In the struggle for a good starting position you don’t need to have strong elbows, but rather the ability to foresee, as well as the knowledge of the sector’s specificity. We are experienced in consulting for companies that implement and develop new products. We offer our Customers the advantage on the start, as well as the security in carrying out and developing their businesses.

Because when you think of new technologies, our advisors are already getting ready to carry out projects that make use of still newer ones.

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Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

+48 662 530 866

Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

+48 696 880 222

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