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The real estate market has its own laws, but it seems that most importantly one needs to be reasonable as for where to invest their money. Reasonable, meaning that one has to secure the investment in the tax and legal aspects.
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Some people build, others sell, still others buy. Depending on which industry you work in, you need a relevant legal support. For many years we have advised companies in the construction industry, as well as individuals and subjects investing in real estate in regard of taxes, providing support for them whenever they come across any obstacles.

We know the specificity of both large real estate development companies and construction firms; we also provide support to natural persons dealing with rental, purchase or sales of apartments. If you have a real estate or if you are planning to purchase or construct one, we will create optimal tax and legal conditions for your investment.

The scope of our services includes:

Due diligence

Due diligence real estate

Substantive support

Comprehensive legal assistance in any activities related to real estate and realizing investments, including those made by foreigners.

Investment advisory

Legal and tax consulting in investment processes related to constructing and commercializing residential, office, trade, services, industrial, storage, infrastructure and line facilities


Conducting indemnity cases, including court litigations for damages

Assistance in resolving

Assistance in resolving litigations among investors, investment contractors, developers and their customers (negotiations, mediation proceedings, court litigations)

Legal representation

Legal representation in administrative procedures, court-administrative proceedings, as well as representation before a court of law in cases related to challenging local regulations and the ongoing investment process.

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