You set out for a dream cruise. Your boat is all set, the crew is onboard, the weather is perfect. You take off from the shore and... suddenly you are hit by a storm of taxes, legal issues and accounting matters!
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You have an idea for a new business? Don’t let it drown under formal requirements.

Everybody has to start one day. We think the way how you begin is more important than the way you finish. We will help make your start as smooth as possible, making sure that at the end you will not find your way obstructed by tax or legal complications.

We made our own start ten years ago, and today we work with numerous Polish and international entrepreneurs. This is why we understand the risks that await you in the initial period of your business adventure, we know all the legal shallows and the tax currents. We guarantee the security of your cruise through economic activity thanks to our comprehensive services.

We provide support in numerous fields, help avoid unnecessary costs, as well as to spare time, so that you can concentrate on what is really important now. Set sail with us.

Our team will give you support, especially in:

Planning processes

planning structures for conducting business, that are optimal from the perspective of legislation and taxes, choosing the most suitable taxation form, preparing financial forecasts / business plans

Establishing your company

support in the registration and outlining the strategy of conducting business

Business development

tax and legal support for the ongoing agenda, organization of company’s documents, contracts with counterparties / investors

Ongoing service

tax settlements, accounting, legal services aimed at securing the business or ideas for business

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Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

+48 662 530 866

Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

+48 696 880 222

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