Company law, mergers and takeovers

Merger, partition, takeover, handover, fusion, disposal, investment. Sounds like playing a complicated MONOPOLY game?

Yes, we are a seasoned player in the nuancepacked process of creating and taking care of legal aspects of companies’ administration. Just like in a board game, we know when to buy and when to do it, who to merge with, and how to avoid potential traps.

The area of legal counseling for companies is the sum of our experience. We understand the essence of this branch of business, we know the specificity of the various economy sectors. The area that demands a fusion of broad legal and tax knowledge requires us to provide our Clients with secure solutions, even though they often go beyond the standard. Do we break the rules of the game? No, we use them to our advantage as much as it gets.

When the dice are cast, you can trust us in:

  • day-to-day company law services, both for public as well as communal companies
  • counsel services regarding intra-group restructuring (changing the group structure, simplifying the structure)
  • legal / tax due diligence aimed at identifying the risk related to the subject of transaction
  • comprehensive handling of companies transformation processes (mergers, partitions, transformations)
  • representing Clients in courts of law as well as before public authorities in merger and partition processes
  • counseling during implementing changes in companies’ capital structure (capital increase / decrease including those related to non-cash contributions, share redemption, squeeze out and repurchase of shares)
  • planning and implementing optimal solutions regarding the form of conducted business, including fiscal aspects
  • motivational systems for the management staff
  • contracts of associates, investment contracts (share options / shares)
  • consulting in liquidation processes
  • drafting out corporate governance rules and adjusting those so that they meet the Client’s individual needs and act in regard to protecting the Client’s interests

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Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

+48 662 530 866

Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

+48 696 880 222

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