Control, proceedings, litigation, court trials and arbitration proceedings

A call from a suppressed number? Knocking on the door, even though you are not expecting any guests? Another mysterious non-delivery notice in your mailbox?

If you don’t want conducting your business feel like a thriller, prepare for potential litigations and inspections. Write a script of the like events yourself.

We will help you in the sudden twists of the plot; we specialize in:

  • providing assistance to taxpayers during control procedures: witness interrogation, inspection, submission of explanations, evidence collection
  • representing taxpayers at fiscal proceedings
  • compiling appeals against decisions of the first instance authorities
  • representing the Client at proceedings in the court of law and in the Supreme Court, as well as in arbitration courts, in mediation proceedings, and in settlement negotiations
  • representing the Client in proceedings in public authority entities of all instances, Voivodeship Administrative Courts, and the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland
  • advice in resolving litigations and elaborating strategies for the given case

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Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

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Managing partner / Tax advisor

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