Customs / Excise duties

We are in Europe, we can travel without passports, tedious controls and queues. But our goods can’t do the same. There may be no borders but customs and excise are still there.

Customs and excise are the nightmare of many entrepreneurs incoherent regulations, a multitude of different standards, the necessity to know EU regulations. If there are times when you feel that you have reached the border (of how much you can bear), use our services. We are ready to help you through day-to-day monitoring of your billings and, should such necessity arise, we will try to obtain favorable, unprecedented verdicts.

We know how to safely cross the border when it comes to:


  • safe customs value
  • VAT base for imported goods
  • assistance in customs control
  • litigations in administrative courts
  • customs procedures overviews
  • improving procedures in customs warehouses
  • customs trainings


  • analyses of tariff classification for the purpose of imposing excise tax
  • applying for binding excise information and individual interpretations
  • support in proceedings litigations with tax authorities
  • preparing complaints to Voivodeship Administrative Courts and annulments to the Supreme Court, as well as representation in courts of law
  • submitting refund applications for excise due on delivery or export of excise goods

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Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

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Managing partner / Tax advisor

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