Legal / Tax due diligence

It seems that everything is in order. It all looks promising. The initial research did not raise any flags, even the references look good. But still, isn’t this transaction a little bit like the dating game?

Carrying out a transaction without performing a full background check of the contracting party or the object of transaction involves risk of legal and tax effects that are often irreparable. It takes adequate tools to examine the case thoroughly. We have a rich experience in transactional consulting, which enables us to foresee potential threats and indicate “the ever welcome” advantages.

Of course, a legal or tax review of a company can be performed at any time. Day-to-day verification facilitates making decisions that will steer your business on the right track.

We sum up our legal / Tax due diligence in a report form, where we:

  • describe the scope of the review (object of transaction, processes, transactions)
  • present the identified issues (risks / benefits)
  • recommend actions aimed at implementing the most optimal solutions

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Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

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Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

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