RODO/Protection of personal data

Lately, the mysterious abbreviation RODO has been robbing people responsible for personal data handling off their sleep. With us, you can sleep sound.

We will keep guard, because the RODO process, ill-adjusted to the rules of law, poses a threat for every economic entity. Offering our assistance with RODO we ensure mapping the processes of personal data processing, evaluating and elaborating documents, representing clients before the PDPA.

We also offer coaching for people who are responsible for those areas in companies where processes of personal data processing take place.

In particular, our specialized consulting comprises:

  • audits of the compliance of personal data processing (RODO compliance)
  • elaborating and keeping up-to-date of documentation related to personal data processing, including security policy and instructions for the management of IT systems, registers of authorizations for personal data processing
  • elaborating informational documents, consent clauses, and entrustment agreements of personal data
  • elaborating rules governing data transfer for capital groups
  • counseling in matters regarding the processing of employee data, including irregularity notification systems, employee monitoring, using company’s devices for private purposes (CYOD) or using private devices for company’s purposes (BYOD)
  • coaching in personal data protection
  • assistance in formulating data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • representing Clients during PDPA examinations and the post-examination proceedings, as well as in cases regarding complaints of data subjects

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