Transaction and investment tax planning

Sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous. To take your car, get on a train or a plane, and just go. But does this always come out good?

You might end up in a place with no coverage, stranded with no possibility of quick return because the train has left and there are menacing clouds on the horizon. Sometimes acting without a plan is the worst plan of all. Especially in business.

When it comes to taxes, thanks to planning you can reduce the tax burden while maintaining proper fiscal security. The knowledge and experience of our experts allow us to tailor our solutions to scheduled transactional and investment endeavors. Elaborating solutions and forecasts for realized endeavors minimize the risk of failure.

We like being spontaneous, provided we have a plan for:

  • planning optimal structures of conducting business from the perspective of taxes
  • devising salary structures for natural persons
  • preparing and providing assistance in realizing investment structures (disposal / acquisition of shares, mergers and takeovers, capital structures)
  • evaluating and providing support in carrying out the process of business restructuring
  • overviews, legal / tax due diligence
  • elaborating and providing opinion on investment contracts and trade agreements

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