Why choose us?

The four-fold rule

Taxation and legislation

are not remote cousins, they are twins. This is why we always place these areas in one line and treat them equally. What does it mean? In practice, and practice is what we specialize in, it means comprehensive, parallel Customer service. We don’t divide the business into legal and tax areas, because they are too closely related. At our office we adopt a holistic point of view, which is probably the reason why we manage to solve the existing problems but also to foresee possible legal, tax, and economic consequences of undertaken measures.

Work and partnership

are synonyms to us. We focus on a relational counseling with a proactive approach to the Client’s business. What does it mean? First and foremost, it entails a full comprehension of the specificity and the challenges of the given sector. Because the essence of partnership lays not only in being here and now, but also in planning ahead and navigating future actions responsibly. Each of our Clients is thus under the care of a private advisor who says: WORK, while thinking: PARTNERSHIP. Because for us these two are synonyms.

Make sure who and how we helped

About us

Taxes and legislation
are our job

We encourage you to contact us. Let’s talk. Let’s build a dialog.

Some people say: law and taxes
are our passion!
We ask: is that so?

Passions are supposed to be realized for sheer pleasure, in one’s free time. Law and taxes, however, are a job, which we do full-time, engaging ourselves fully. We don’t do it for fun, but out of respect towards our Clients. We don’t do it for the laughs, but with due diligence. Although we reserve the right to laugh at work, too! We do laugh a lot. And this laughter is tax-free.

We are a company with close do a decade of experience. Now, this is no joke. We have carried out a number of international projects and countless local ones. Always with equal commitment that is the attitude of serious people toward their tasks. Because this is one of the pillars of what we do, apart from independence, loyalty, and professionalism. The key competence of our advisors and one of TLA’s priorities is dialog. We believe that only close listening into the Client’s needs, as well as the eagerness to understand them, guarantee fruitful cooperation. This is why, rather than business, we say RELATIONSHIP.

About the team

We have described everything we do professionally on our website. Here you will get to know all about our many-year experience, read stories of success in the field of law and taxes as well as of our comprehensive counseling for local enterprises and international corporations. You will see how deep is the sea of the projects we have carried out and immerse in fascinating stories of court battles. And here? Here we want to show that behind all the paragraphs there are kind and sympathetic people.

Honest and loyal, serving the cause. They do yoga, travel, train archery, and cultivate bonsai trees as a patience practice. Cordial family guys. It’s thanks to who we are in private that we can deliver maximum professional quality. Nice to meet you.

TLA team

Izabela Mendyk-Pichur

Director / Attorney at law

+48 515 133 880


Krzysztof Koniewski

Managing partner / Tax advisor

+48 696 880 222


Robert Smoczyński

Managing partner / Attorney at law / Tax advisor

+48 662 530 866


Szymon Jordan

Partner / Tax advisor

+48 796 380 387