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We set the dialogue on legal and tax matters.
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About us

We are an independent Polish law firm providing legal and tax advice to domestic and international corporate clients, financial institutions and public administration bodies. The TLA team consists of approximately 20 specialists, including legal advisers, tax consultants, trainees, lawyers, and chartered accountants. We deliver high quality consulting services, thereby supporting our clients to successfully build and develop their business in global markets.

Our services

We have prepared a wide range of services provided for our customers.
Public aid
Customs duty
We provide support in the area of (i) solving current tax problems related to business activity and (ii) implementing projects regarding optimisation and tax planning. In particular, we advise on the recognition of income and expenses, transfer pricing, and withholding tax. We perform tax reviews aimed at identifying potential areas of tax savings.
We provide comprehensive support in all matters relating to VAT, including numerous projects involving tax optimisation. We offer advice on (i) domestic and international transactions, (ii) planning a return of excess of input tax over output tax in order to increase liquidity and (iii) VAT refunds in other countries. We also provide comprehensive support to foreign entities wishing to register in Poland for VAT purposes.
As far as PIT and Social Insurance Institution are concerned, we offer assistance in current settlements, including income earned by Polish employees working abroad as well as by foreigners working in Poland. We help to plan favourable remuneration structures for employees and executives. We advise on issues related to employees temporarily assigned to work in a different office, department or for another organisation in the light of national and international law.
We have many years of experience in providing advisory services to our clients operating in special economic zones, including:
  • obtaining licenses to operate in special economic zones (our intent is also to advise our clients on how to vest private lands with the status of special economic zone);
  • settlement of tax exemptions in special economic zones;
  • changes of permits.
We offer ongoing advisory services to entities from all sectors subject to excise duty. We advise on excise duty settlements, refund of excise duty paid in Poland, and excise exemptions. We provide support in the development of structures and solutions needed to fulfil a number of obligations under excise regulations. We help our clients to go through all registration formalities, including those related to applying for the status of authorised warehousekeeper/registered consignee, and to establish and run a tax warehouse.
Although nominally tax rates are low, the tax on civil law transactions in transactions involving larger amounts may become a noticeable burden for entities pursuing economic activity. We offer ongoing advice on tax settlement and introduction of optimisation structures/solutions for transactions that may be subject to this tax.
Local taxes, especially property tax, may constitute a significant burden for entities involved in business activity. As far as property tax in concerned, we provide support particularly in the form of: (i) ongoing advice, (ii) qualifying particular assets for tax purposes, and (iii) tax investigations.
We take on the burden of long-standing and uncomfortable controls and tax proceedings. We represent and assist our clients before the first- and the second-instance authority and administrative courts. We develop strategies of actions to be taken both before and in the course of tax proceedings. We monitor tax authorities and facilitate contact with them.
We draw up domestic and international contracts in line with the principle of simplicity and practicality. Special attention is also paid to the protection of interests of the parties thereto and tax security. Our experience allows us to provide legal assistance at all stages of contract performance. We represent our clients during contract negotiations and take part in mediation and any disputes arising out of or in connection with such contracts.
We provide consulting services to companies and other legal entities in ongoing legal and tax matters. In addition to merger, transformation and dissolution of business entities, we provide comprehensive corporate services to companies' governing bodies. We give opinions, carry out complex processes regarding companies’ capital and structure and conduct due diligence to provide our clients with safe and optimal (in legal and tax terms) solutions.
We provide our clients with support in preparing and reviewing both typical and atypical employment contracts, including management contracts. We advise on how to resolve labour disputes, both individual and collective. We draft work regulations, remuneration regulations and social benefits fund regulations which ensure employees safety and work order and help employers to reduce labour and business costs.
We have experience in dealing with financial products with which we recognise risks related to contracts and instruments offered by all financial institutions. We offer legal assistance in transactions involving mortgage establishment, ordinary and registered pledge establishment, transfer of ownership for collateral, credit insurance, and guarantee. We hold negotiations with banks and financial institutions and provide supervision over banking operations in terms of compliance with all procedures stipulated by law.
We provide legal advice on all matters related to real estate and support for construction process. We analyse the legal status of properties and advise on purchases/sales and management. We provide legal assistance in the construction process. We draft and negotiate contracts entered into during the investment process. We conduct court, administrative and administrative court proceedings relating to real estate and investment process.
We provide legal advice to insurers and the insured. We advise on the conclusion and negotiation of contracts of insurance. We conduct insurance audits. We provide legal assistance for the recovery of any benefits from insurers, and we support our clients in selecting optimal method of calculating insurance benefit. We provide legal representation in disputes with insurers.
Taking into account tax and financial aspects, we develop transaction structure in order to create optimal conditions for development investment. Our advice covers many areas of law, including financial law, securities law, civil, commercial, and tax law. We provide advice at every stage of investment, assisting an entity since its establishment in any form acceptable by Polish law through its further development.
Before the dispute is to be settled by institutions established for this purpose, we try to resolve disputes at pre-trial stage through mediation, settlements and arbitration. We also carry out negotiations on our clients' behalf in order to achieve the desired result without court proceedings being initiated. When representing our clients in negotiations, we always protect their current interests and secure future ones.
We provide legal advice on conducting civil, administrative and administrative court proceedings before common courts and the Supreme Court. We handle various cases, including corporate litigation, settlements of investment, and payments of receivables, compensation, and copyright protection.
We provide assistance at every stage of debt collection, from pre-court proceedings, to negotiation and conclusion of out of court settlements, to representing the clients in court (including pre-enforcement and enforcement actions). Our team is committed to provide the creditor with comprehensive assistance in collecting debts from unreliable trading partners.
The multiplicity and complexity of legislation far too often make it difficult for entrepreneurs to efficiently and legitimately conduct their business. We help our clients to act in accordance with law and voluntarily adopted legal codes. We provide support in business management in line with legal regulations (internal procedures ensuring compliance with law, review of documents allowing us to spot and evaluate potential legal risks).
We have experience in providing comprehensive service to entities operating in public finance sector. We support them in the performance of public tasks such entities were entrusted with. Our support is primarily designed to:
  • analyse possibilities and principles of tasks performance;
  • analyse and review tariffs and charges for public services;
  • choose optimal form for task performance.
As part of our business activity, we advise our clients on matters relating to grants, rebates and exemptions. We support them at every stage of the process as we believe that true success involves not only the acquisition of additional financing from public sources, but above all proper settlement of such funds.

Scope of services

We have experience and expertise in acquiring additional financing from:

  • EU funds for investments, R&D and eco-friendly projects;
  • national sources for R&D and eco-friendly projects;
  • budgetary funds from multi-annual programmes.

How we work with you

We offer comprehensive advice at every stage of acquiring additional financing, including:

  • selection off the best support programme under which a given project has the best chance of receiving funds;
  • preparation of high-quality, complete application for funding and monitoring the process of project evaluation;
  • negotiation of grant agreements;
  • support at the stage of project settlement and during its verification.

In order to meet our clients' expectations, we organise workshops on legal and tax issues.

Workshops are conducted in two formulas:

  • open workshops - organised periodically for a wider audience or
  • individual workshops - tailored to the clients' individual needs and expectations.

Our workshops, depending on their subject, may take one or of several days, they may be organised in our office, at your premises or at any other specified place.

Class room

In the field of customs law, we offer ongoing advice and carry out large projects aimed at optimizing trade in goods. Our support is provided in the following areas:

  • determination of optimal customs value of goods;
  • implementation and/or improvement of customs economic procedures (inward/passive processing, processing under customs control, customs warehouse, temporary admission);
  • assistance in proper application of provisions for VAT and excise duty on imported goods;
  • assistance in obtaining tariff quotas or import licenses.
We have extensive knowledge in the area of bookkeeping, tax accounting and drawing up financial statements. Depending on our clients' needs, we provide reporting according to local standards, IFRS or US GAAP. We have implemented procedures to ensure keeping accounting and tax records comprehensively and in compliance with the applicable regulations. We provide our clients with quick and convenient procedure for delivering documents to be entered in the books.
As part of HR and payroll services, we help employers to fulfil statutory obligations in the field of labour law and accurately and timely perform their obligations as payers. We offer HR and payroll services using www.place24.pl portal. We are able to define any number and configuration of users with different levels of permissions. The portal can also be used by our clients' employees to view their own remuneration settlements, leaves and absenteeism and to generate some documents.
On top of basic scope of our services, we also offer a unique service of CFO Outsourcing involving external financial management of medium and small businesses. The areas of our clients' finances that we may take care of can be defined in a flexible manner. In addition, our clients entrust us with cash management. This service includes short-term cash flow planning and conducting banking operations.

Within Group TLA, TLA OmniFin is responsible for the provision of outsourcing services.


We approach our clients' expectations individually.


We remain at your disposal for any further questions you might have.
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  • Krzysztof Koniewski

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